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      How many people can I book on the website?
      Please book maximum of 6 people a time

      Is the booking fee taken off the bill on the day?
      Yes, the booking fee is taken off the bill on the day for all who attend.

      Will there be service charge added to my bill?
      Yes, the restaurant add 12.5% service charge to your bill on the day. This is optional to pay.

      Do I have to make a booking or can I just turn up?
      Please book your brunch via our website only so we can keep track of numbers and availability.

      Can I have Beer, Prosecco and Cocktails at the same time for the bottomless drinks?
      You can choose one drink at a time per person and your drink will need to be empty before being refilled with either the same drink or something  else on the menu. If there is 2/3 of you having the same drink (Prosecco/Cocktails) the staff tend to put a jug/bottle down on your table to share. If you are all having different then it will be filled by the glass.

      What happens if I arrive late?
      We urge people to arrive on time as the lateness is taken out of your 2 hour brunch slot.

      What do I do if a member of my party cancels on the day?
      Inform us straight away via Instagram @lovebrunch.co.uk (we respond within minutes on here) or via email info@lovebrunch.co.uk

      Who do I contact for allergies/dietry requirements?
      For all food enquirers, please contact us directly

      Is the booking fee refundable?
      No, all booking fee are non-refundable - we only offer rescheduling if given enough notice or in extreme circumstances.

      Do I have to give a pre-order or can I just order on the day?
      It is now mandatory to send pre-orders before arrival to limit to use of menu use. We need them a week in advance at the latest. 

      What are your brunch slots?
      Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays (times can change so look at our 'book now' page).

      What if I cannot attend the brunch times given, can I make an enquiry about brunching at a different time of the day?
      Of course, we welcome you to enquire and we will see if this is possible.

      Can I book an occasion for brunch?
      OMG YES GO FOR IT! You can message us on instagram or email us for any enquiries.