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      1. You must be 18+ to brunch if your drinking bottomless alcohol

      2. Children are welcome under patrental supervision

      3. A booking fee per person is required when making your booking via www.lovebrunch.co.uk which is taken off the end bill.

      4. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable.

      5. If your party reduces in number, the booking fee for the no shows will be lost.

      6. All pre-orders must be sent to us as soon as possible.

      7. If you have any allergies, dietary requirements please inform us straight away when making your pre-order as the restaurant are responsible for the food

      8. On the day please pay via debit card, credit card ideally (cash is accepted but please try to limit the use).

      9. By paying your booking fee you accept our terms and conditions.

      10.  Please dress smart/casual (no hoodies/tracksuits/hats etc).

      11. Management reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol at any time. Please drink responsibly.

      12. Lovebrunch.co.uk is solely the host of the brunches (brunch planners) at The North Pole Greenwich and can only take responsibility for bookings/entertainment - we then hand you over to the North Pole who delivers the service on the day.

      13. Drinks must be completely finished before being refilled.

      14. No drinks to be taken out of the restaurant once booking slot has finished.

      15. If given enough notice that you are not able to attend, we can reschedule you in for another date and move your deposit to a new date, please message us to let us know atleast 4 hours before your booked slot is due to start - otherwise your deposit will be lost as mentioned previously.

      16. If we are rescheduling your booking you cannot put the money towards one of our events, it is to be used for non events only



      Please note: all of lovebrunch.co.uk’s content is original and we do not give permission for you to copy our content on our website or socials.