Terms and Conditions

1. You must be 18+ to attend brunch at Lokanta & North Pole - no children or babies allowed during these hours. 

2. A booking fee per person is required when making your booking via www.lovebrunch.co.uk which is taken off the bill for the who attend on the day.

3. Booking fees are non-refundable.

4. Cancellations: Tickets are non-refundable, however, if you would like to move the entire booking to a new date, we can accommodate that for you. Please ensure you allow 72 hours notice for us to be able to honour this.

5. If your party reduces in number, their booking fee will not be taken from the bill. You can find more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

6. Pre-orders are essential for both Lokanta and North Pole. You can submit your food orders via our website. 

  • We need your food order at least a week prior to your arrival date if you have booked in advance.

  • If you are booking last min then we need your food orders at your earliest¬†convenience.


7. Please arrive on time to brunch or this may be deducted from your time slot.

8. Management reserve the right to refuse serving you alcohol at any time. Please drink responsibly.

9. Lovebrunch.co.uk is solely the host of the brunches (brunch planners) at the venues and can only take responsibility for bookings/entertainment. The restaurant is then responsible to deliver the service on the day i.e. drinks and food. 

10. Drinks must be finished before being refilled.

11. No drinks should be taken out of the restaurant once booking slot has finished.

12. If you are rescheduling your brunch, you must use your booking fee within 6 months or it will no longer be valid.

13. Dress code: smart/casual/dressy (no hoodies/tracksuits/hats etc).

By paying your booking fee you accept our terms and conditions.