Price information

Hey! Here are our most asked questions when it comes to brunch, this page should tell you everything you need to know! Transparency is key so we are all on the same page! 😊
Price breakdown for brunches:
  • Brunch prices can vary between:
    • £39.99 per person for 2 COURSES
    • £44.99 per person for 3 COURSES
  • The booking fee on our website is £10 per person
  • The booking fee is deducted from your bill on the day for all of those who arrive
  • This means your remaining bill per person, that you need to pay on the day is:
    • £29.99 2 COURSES (without service charge)
    • £34.99 2 COURSES (with the 12.5% service charge)
    • £34.99 3 COURSES (without service charge)
    • £40.61 3 COURSES (with the 12.5% service charge)

Please note, booking fees are not deducted off the bill if someone does not attend brunch.
If we are given MORE than 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, the booking fee/fees are non-refundable, however we do allow you to move the fee over to a new date in future, should you wish to rebook in.  
If we are given LESS than 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, the booking fee/fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have last minute cancellations on the day, please ensure you let us know ASAP so we can alert the staff.
Please do give yourself plenty of time to arrive to brunch as lateness may be deducted from your brunch time which we do not want! Brunch times vary dependant on theme/day so please check.
Adding people to your booking:
The more the merrier! If you need to add someone to your booking and there is space available on the website, please book a single ticket (or however many extra you need) and ensure you use the SAME BOOKING NAME that you booked the original booking in, this way we automatically add them to your table. Please avoid booking under different names.
If there is no space and it says sold out, please drop us an email and we can open up another space for you providing we can fit them in!
Food orders:
It is extremely important we have your food orders before you arrive.



You can either follow step 2 as soon as you have added your date which in cases can be easier, or you can use this to submit your food orders separately on another occasion - YOU MUST SUBMIT THEM UNDER THE SAME BOOKING NAME. 

If you have booked more than a week in advance of your brunch date, we need them at least a week before your brunch date.
If you are booking with less than a week to your brunch date, then we need them as soon as possible.

Brunch decorations for special occasions:
If it is a birthday, please make sure you tell us in the notes section at checkout or drop us a message. You are more than welcome to bring some décor (balloons etc) and a cake.
We are now offering a special events service where we connect you to our party provider and you choose which package you want, they then set up before you arrive. This is at an added cost, and you will make payment directly to them for this. We only use reliable services and can assure you their work is amazing!
Alternatively, our staff bring out a sparkler in a dessert for birthdays so please make sure to let us know in your food orders of whose dessert it is to be added to.
If you would like to opt for this, please drop us a message after you have made your booking on our website.