The below cancellation policy has been put into place, please note booking fees are non-refundable and we encourage you to let us know if anyone cannot attend 24 hours before - we do not want you to incur extra charges! More info on terms and conditions point 18.


We understand traffic can be a nightmare!! Especially in Greenwich... however, please please please plan your journey in advance as we want you to have the best time and take full advantage of your full seating time. More info on terms and conditions point 17.

Food orders... you all know we love to go on and on at you sending us your food orders a week prior to your arrival, but it's all for the benefit of you guys not having to worry about ordering your food on the day and just sitting back drinking and catching up with friends! PLEASE remember to send them to us gang! More information to be found in our terms and conditions point 6.


IT IS A BOOZY BRUNCH... but we want you to know how we operate so were all on the same page!