About Lovebrunch.co.uk

How Lovebrunch.co.uk came to town...

Bottomless brunching was our fav thing to do!

We travelled to many brunches around the UK and found there was a massive market missing for variety & atmosphere.

Food and drink menus were your typical eggs benedict, fancy full English, served with bottomless Prosecco and mimosas (which for a fussy eater is not okay - please tell me you can relate!?) and the traditional vibe to brunch we found needed a little revamp (this is our personal opinion only).

We decided to create our first boozy themed brunch back in December 2018 which launched with a full 3 course Christmas Menu and had some Prosecco, Cocktails and beer on the menu, which at the time back then, nowhere was doing local to London - so we really took full advantage of our diverse brunch menu. Now, we are known for our varied menu's catering to a lot of fussy eaters and drinkers! We pride ourselves on 2/3 course menus with options for everyone and a banging cocktail list!!

It took us around one year to convert our regular London brunchers from the traditional brunch to our brand new style of boozy themed party brunches.

We felt bottomless brunching was missing a party aspect, don't get us wrong we LOVE a classy brunch in a restaurant, but we wanted to try something new.. So, we decided to poach our ideas to entertainment companies and entertainers who we have now teamed up with many times to create our iconic Lovebrunch.co.uk events, such as our famous Magic Mike Million Dollar Men Brunch, Our Kisstory Themed Boozy Brunch with Justin Wilkes from Kisstory/KISS FM, our Spice World Brunch, our Ultimate Girls Themed Party Brunch and last but not least our Boozy Brunch Event with DJ Ironik for our 'Throwback Under 18's Themed Music' which includes to likes of N-Dubz, Pro-Green, Chipmunk, DJ Ironik, Fugative & so many more!!!

We also noticed people loved certain music genres so we incorporated all these ideas to our brand to create THE BIGGEST WEEKLY THEMED BOOZY BRUNCH since 2018! Our themes include and continue to include, 90's, 80's 00's, ABBA, Throwback R'n'B, Club Classics, Dancehall, Soul & so many more!

Since starting, we’ve had a great response in the UK brunch industry and we are now one of leading boozy brunch companies in London and around the UK. We have went on to sell over 20,000 tickets since our launch and currently operating 3 different restaurants which we aim to keep growing.

If you are looking a fun filled boozy brunch party fit for all occasions come join London’s first iconic LOVE BRUNCH gang!!!!